Did you ever wonder WHY you just NEEDED to fuck that good looking guy?

The "Need to Cheat" explanation (BY a woman FOR women)

How many of you have wondered what it is about cuckolding that is so exciting and so thrilling? Why should something that appears to be potentially emasculating for a man be such a turn-on?  I've studied the phenomena for quite a while, and I shall attempt here to explain to you the hows and whys of the thrilling sensations of cuckolding. If the biological stuff is boring or confusing, bear with me, as I will put everything into layman's terms (pun intended).

What you have to understand is that we all are still carrying around the same biology as our ancestors did in the stone age. Our primary reason for existing in this world (biologically) is to procreate offspring in order to continue our unbroken line of genes. The very fact that you are here is because your ancestors have had kids and grandkids for countless generations.

Now, how is it that females and males select who we will procreate with? Men and women have different methods and different priorities for this. Males select females with long legs, shapely hips, large breasts, and pretty faces. In other words, guys want to fuck total foxes. 

Guys look for these traits because they give signals that the woman is healthy and she will have healthy kids. The programming in men says to go out and impregnate as many foxes as you can, thereby having as many kids as you can. Men are after quantity, not necessarily quality, because they have the ability to really spread that seed around, thus increasing their chances of having more kids.

Women look for QUALITY, not quantity. We are programmed to look for tall, muscular men, with strong, broad shoulders and strong arms.  These are signals to us that these men are strong enough to protect us, strong enough to make good hunters and providers for our children, and if they have large cocks, they will bring us much pleasure. These guys we shall call studs. These studs produce healthy, good-looking children. That's why us women would rather fuck Antonio Banderas than Danny De Vito. When a stud makes contact with a fox, the sex is very, very good indeed! Super sex! Mind blowing sex! 

Mother Nature designed it that way!

The advantage of selection is with the woman. If she is a fox, she usually has men chasing after her. Eventually she falls in love with one who will make a good long-term mate, and marriage results.  But this mate isn't always a stud because she wants something different.  She wants stability and a place to create a good home environment.  Long term mates make the best husbands but they don't always make the best children.

Sometimes, later in life, another man comes along who would give her good children; a stud. He will be physically fit, strong, healthy. She will find herself drawn to him at the most basic sexual level, and she will be strongly tempted to mate with such a stud if the opportunity presents itself. The feverish drive of their hormonal drives can conflict with their hearts, and the stud can win out.

During lovemaking men and women exchange many chemical pheromones that are passed during kissing, foreplay, oral sex and from the man's seminal deposits into the woman's vagina. These chemicals cause the couple to become "attached" to each other. Married couples share this attachment.  However, the right stud with sufficient physical qualities can trigger a deeply rooted response in a woman that is capable of shaking and even breaking the marital bond.

When you separate a bonded man and a woman for a time, the man will build a desire for her.  This stems not only from their separation, but can also be attributed to the possibility that she may have strayed in his absence, creating some doubt of her fidelity. When a man has intercourse with his wife for the first time after an absence, his ejaculate will almost double in quantity, a physical response largely triggered subconsciously just by the outside chance that she has been unfaithful, and she has another man's semen swimming inside of her. That physical reaction is called the "sperm competition reaction", and those orgasms experienced by men who have reunited with their mates are very powerful indeed!   Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes the cock harder, and the balls more productive, resulting in mind blowing orgasms for most men.

Now, cuckolding is a situation that incorporates these very same responses.  In the cuckold relationship you openly become involved with another man, and he knows it!  His primal sperm competition reaction will kick-in, resulting in a sex drive in overdrive, and increased sperm and testosterone production as soon as he is back in your presence.  He will pursue you and even dote over you obsessively upon your return. That’s why husbands in the cuckold lifestyle are more attentive to their wives than men in traditional marriages.

If he is physically present during your encounters with another man, his sperm competition reaction can drive him crazy!  Even though there may be feelings of jealousy, the physical reactions overcome his emotions and result in his most intense orgasms! This is the component that causes him to enjoy it when you “cheat on him”, especially in front of him!  His body is so compelled to compete with your lover, that he can sometimes orgasm just watching you and your lover!  It's not even a perversion! It's a trick of nature my friends!

Now, more about your reaction. Even though you have a mate and you surely love him very much, you are always vulnerable to the attraction of that occasional stud. If a good looking man comes along who gives off pheromones telling you he is a superior match for you, you will find yourself attracted to him and your desire to have sex with him will build. 

If you continue to make social contact with one another, eventually you will be receptive to a sexual union, and it will happen. It's instinctive. If the attraction is mutual the two of you will either deliberately devise a way to have sex, or you will continue to place yourselves in situations that will eventually lead to a situation convenient for your union.  

How many cheating encounters are described as something that “just happened”?  That’s often the result of two people following this course of action until the circumstances are perfect to allow their inevitable mating. 

Of course all of this is chemical/biological, and remains unaffected by intellect. Just because you have a physical lover does not mean you will leave your husband or stop loving him.  However, the physical drive is often too strong to overcome.  So why try?  

That's what cuckolding is all about.  Don't fight it.  Use it.