Snooping. How to REALLY please your man!

A Hotwife’s Secret to Pleasing your Man!

 Hi.  This is probably the very first writing about Hotwifes that you will find on the internet that is written by a woman.

If you have spent any time at all browsing the Hotwife sites on the internet it is painfully obvious to any of us with a vagina that all of the content is generated by men for men and with only men in mind. 

Pretty stupid considering it’s all about women, don’t you agree?  Instead of writing about their fantasies they would be smarter to spend time studying us and our needs.  We won’t debate them.  This is about us.  The women. 

I am a Hotwife.  I admit that and have no regrets.  There was originally some consternation and problems as I tried to resolve my husband’s wishes with my wedding vows.  I took my vows seriously.  It was a struggle to overcome the bindings others placed on me.  I was always faithful and had no intention of seeking intimacy outside my marriage. 

When my husband first revealed his fantasies of me being with another man I was shocked then revolted.  I thought he didn’t love me or was looking for ways to see other women.  I knew nothing of the hotwife or cuckold lifestyle and wasn’t educated about them. 

After months of working through things I slowly grasped what my husband wanted and how it would affect our marriage and me.  After a lot of arguing I realized that he wasn’t interested in other women or ending our marriage.  Learning about the lifestyle opened my eyes to the unique sexuality enjoyed by couples like us and I was able to embrace it as part of our sex life. 

Learning was the key for me.  It is probably the key for anyone dealing with any problem in his or her marriage.  So I slowly learned about it, which I think is the responsibility of every marriage partner.  We should all learn about our spouse and what is important to them regardless of gender.  So I learned and a lot of what I learned intrigued me to the point that I was able to venture out and join my husband on “the other side”. 

Did you know that only 3% of all mammals mate for life?  Humans are one of them.  Did you know that human females are also one of the only mammals that will mate at any time, regardless of their cycle?  Biologists speculate that the reason for that is only for the purpose of keeping a male around.  Human males are programmed to have sex frequently. If they are unable to find sex they eventually will seek out other opportunities.  As despicable as that sounds, we deny evolutionary programming if we ignore that important fact. 

Smart women understand this.  Dumb women lose their men to smart women. 

Keeping your man sexually satisfied is part of a successful marriage.  Yes.  Face that fact and you can join the smart women and improve your marriage.  Of course we’re not always in the mood.  God knows they are.  But compromise is a part of any marriage.  If getting laid more than I need is the price to pay for a happy marriage, than I am willing to pay. 

Every man is different, as you already know.  What you care about is YOUR man and what he needs.  Here’s the part where you need to be a detective.  This is what I did and it’s been my little secret.  Snooping.

Yes.  Snooping.  I went on my husband’s computer in his office and started snooping.  I know, I know.  You’re supposed to trust your husband.  I did.  I still do.  I wasn’t snooping to find out if he was having some illicit affair or anything.  I was sure that wasn’t the case.

I was snooping to see what he liked.  You see, a computer tracks everything your husband does.  Everything he reads.  Everything he sends.  Every website he visits.  Every email.  Every picture. 

Snooping around on my husband’s computer was fun!  It was fun because I was able to see things that he hadn’t told me about.  Things that he liked and turned him on.  I wasn’t doing it to spy and catch him doing something wrong.  I did it to find out what he liked and perhaps how I could please him.

I started on his web browser, by opening the Internet Browser, clicking on “Tools”, then “Internet Options”, then “Browser History” under Settings, then “View Files”. Now click the “File Up” button at the top (looks like a manila folder with an up arrow). Then click on “History” and voila!  There is every website your husband visited for the past week.

I was shocked to say the least!  It turned out that my husband visited a lot of the cuckold websites.  I took hours and browsed most of them and read their content.  I could even use the browser history to read the exact pages that my husband read and see exactly what content he found appealing.  It was like having my own psychology report on my husband!  I knew he wanted me to have sex with another man but I couldn’t believe how much he was into this fantasy.

He also downloaded a lot of different pictures and movies to a hidden file on his computer.  I found them though. You can do the same thing by doing a search for .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .mpeg and .wmv files using the “Start”, “Search” and “Search for files” buttons on your computer.  It’s easy and you can find all the pictures and videos he’s downloaded. 

Men are hunters.  They seek out what they want.  Open the different files. Look through his pictures and movies.  See what kind of content they are.  If you find a lot of pictures about a certain subject or a particular theme, congratulations, you just discovered what your man likes.  You are now one step ahead of him because you know what he likes, but he doesn’t know that you know.

Imagine the power of looking inside your husbands mind to see instantly what turns him on.  Most women would kill to be able to that.  Well that’s what you will be able to do if you find his files.  Even if you have a great marriage with great communication your husband may tell you some of what he likes.  But few men really tell us everything for fear of ridicule or that we won’t understand them.

If you find something that you find disturbing or disgusting or something that makes you angry, take a deep breath.  DO NOT go stampeding in front of your husband, shove your finger in his face and confront him with your newfound information!  All you will do is start a huge fight, damage the trust your husband has in you, and drive him away. 

Calm down!  The man you call your husband is a sweet, loving, caring provider and perhaps father, but he is also a GUY!  Guys are driven by sex.  Sex comes in many different flavors.  Sex also comes in fantasy form, which is not necessarily translated into reality. 

Don’t fret.  He’s the same guy you slept with last night.  So what if he gets turned on by quadriplegic albino midgets having sex wrapped in cellophane while suspended over water.  Human sexuality is complex and inexplicable.  Don’t question it.  Instead, look for ways to work with whatever you find to enhance things in your bedroom.

I gained very valuable insight into my husband, and was able to use that to enhance our marriage.  That is the goal here. Help your relationship, not hurt it. 

As an example, my husband had downloaded hundred of pictures of models dressed as school girls sporting pigtails, dressed in plaid skirts, with white knee high socks and blouses.  I’m not worried about him becoming a pedophile.  It’s a fantasy many men have.  A few weeks later I met him at the door one night when he came in from work, dressed in a similar outfit.  We had sex five times that night and it was some of the most passionate sex we had in many months. 

I also learned exactly what my husband desired in a Hotwife.  Yes, it was more than I bargained for.  I didn’t even know that the lifestyle extended to such depths.  He didn’t just want me to have sex with another man.  It went much farther.  I found myself questioning if I was capable of doing such things, or even capable of considering them.  In time I was and I could not be happier, but it was not without hesitation.  

So is my secret just snooping on his computer, finding out what he likes and then giving in?  Not at all.  If that is the way I looked at it then I would have been better off doing nothing and maybe becoming another eventual divorce statistic.  No.  I chose to use my insight into my husband as a way to create a better marriage.  I did this by catching up with him and then PASSING him!

Yes.  I passed him and was determined that he would have to keep up with ME.  I learned all I could about his fantasies.  I read and learned to understand what motivated my man, better than any other woman would EVER hope to understand him.  As I did, guess what?  I found myself becoming interested and aroused by much of what I read.  In trying to help him, I ended up helping myself.

So I reached out ahead of where he was.  When I was ready, I began to introduce things that I knew aroused him.  I became suggestive.  I teased.  I dressed the part he wanted but didn’t tell me.  I slowly changed into the wife he secretly fantasized about.  He no longer had to push me into anything.  I was already there, pulling him along. 

He had revealed that he wanted me to sleep with another man.  But I knew more than he thought I knew.  I knew that he read the stories of wives that took many lovers and dated other men, living the illusion of the cheating Hotwife.

So I told him that one lover might not be enough for me. After my first lover I “confessed” to my husband that I could no longer be monogamous with just him, and that I would have to find other men.  He went crazy with lust for me!  My husband didn’t have to ask me.  I beat him to it!

Then I made it reality.  I dated men.  I brought men home.  I let him watch.  All at my suggestion because I knew what he wanted anyway, he just didn’t know that I knew. 

I found a lot of group sex and gang bang movies on his computer, so I knew that he secretly fantasized about me with multiple partners. I teased him about that one day. I told him I wanted to arrange one some time.  We haven’t done that yet, but we might and until then he loves the fantasy of it all.

There were many other things that I knew he wanted.  Many of them we have lived out.  Some we haven’t but we may still.  Most importantly though is the fact that in each of them I BEAT HIM TO IT. 

So, go snooping!  Find out what your husband REALLY likes.  Whether its hotwife, group sex, cuckold, school girl, interracial, bisexuality, bondage, food fetish, foot fetish, pantyhose, whatever it doesn’t matter.  Just find ways to include them in your bedroom and beat him to it!

My husband and I no longer argue about sex.  We no longer fight about our differences in the bedroom.  We now have a wonderfully exciting sex life, because I did a little snooping, used it to help my marriage and made the effort to make things better.

It’s all about keeping your man happy.  If he’s happy, he’ll keep you happy!